Product Code - STMS9 -


MS9 mineral sponge granules are made from 100% zeolite which has a huge internal surface area (up to 145m2/g) allowing this material to absorb up to 70% of its weight.

Absorbs immediately on contact a wide range of common liquids including coolant, oils & fuels as well as odours and vapours. Sold individually per bag.

Geologically young zeolites like those found in MS9 mineral sponge granular absorbents are able to absorb more liquids than other, older, glassy zeolites. When dried these zeolites can absorb up to 70% of their own weight in liquid.

It is also very easy to use. In the case of a small spill just spread mineral sponge granular absorbent evenly over the top of the spill and allow a little time for absorption. Sweep through to accelerate the process.

For larger spills, start around the perimeter of the spill to prevent it from spreading the cover the pooled liquid.


Absorbs immediately on contact.

Absorbs odours and vapours as well as liquids.

Contains no chemicals.

De-dusted to make handling and clean up easier and safer.

Exceeds EPA leachate requirements.

Huge internal surface area allows this material to absorb 70% of its weight in liquid.

Non abrasive.

Absorbs up to 50% more than "kitty litter".

Will not breakdown and become slippery when wet.

Liquids stay "locked inside".

Meets EPA requirements for solid waste management.

Strong wicking action to pull spills from the surface.

maintains it’s form even when saturated.