Dual Bottle

Product Code - 7554 - Wall Mounted, Dust Proof, Dual Bottle Personal Eyewash Station

1 x 500ml pH & 1 x 1,000ml Saline

SPECIFICATIONSIMMEDIATE FLUSHING: The eyewashes provide immediate flushing fluid while the injured person is en route to a primary emergency station.DUAL EYE PROTECTION: With two ergonomic streams, the DUO eyewash provides simultaneous eye coverage allowing both eyes to be treated with an advanced rinse process for supplementary flushing support.STERILE SALINE EFFECTIVENESS: The sterile sodium chloride Saline solution rinses the eyes to reduce the risk of severe injury caused by chemicals or particulate contamination.COMPLIANCE: AS4775 and ANSI compliant for supplemental equipment.MOUNTING: Wall-mounted design allows for flexible placement next to the potential hazard. Includes two wall hooks for easy installation, and wall-mounted sign with universal language for placement in any situation.