Hazchem Spill Kit 120ltr

Product Code - ST120HC -


Hazchem 240L Spill Kit Yellow in Colour for Hazchem liquid spills

Suitable for acids, alkalis, coolants, paints, oils, fuels , herbicides & pesticides


Includes the following:

100 X Yellow Hazchem Absorbent Pad 480mm x 430mm

3 X Yellow Hazchem Boom 1.2m x 75mm

1 X Yellow Hazchem Boom 3.0m x 75mm

2 x Hazchem Absorbent Sweep – 22L Bag

1 x Clear PVC spill kit cover

5 X Contaminated Waste Bag

1 X Green Nitrile Gloves

1 X Instruction Sheet

1 x Tamper Evident Seal

1 x Lime Green Wheelie Bin with Yellow Lid 140L